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Figgy Bourbon Milkshake

As the seasons change so do our cocktails of choice.  While Summer is a time for lighter fruit based cocktails, Fall is perfect for some bolder, deeper flavors.  Bourbon is a spirit that can be a bit of an acquired taste, it can take some time to appreciate its complexities.  With that in mind I wanted to kind of demystify bourbon, its not just a drink for cigar rooms, and speakeasies, it has a playful side too. I love my Kadota Fig Spread and am always looking for excuses to experiment with it. Bourbon and fig is a match made in heaven.  Figs have a unique sweetness that perfectly compliments the smokiness of the bourbon. Even with the fig to brighten it up, bourbon is a stiff drink I wanted to mellow it out a little I added vanilla ice cream.  Vanilla, Fig, and Bourbon, talk about a perfect combination. The spice notes of the bourbon blend with the vanilla, and the fig adds a subtle sweetness.  This is a recipe that is sure to please everyone, from the novice to the bourbon aficionado.  Enjoy!!

Figgy Bourbon Milkshake
2 oz. Bourbon Whiskey
1/4 C whole milk
3 TBSP Just Jan's Kadota Fig Spread
Generous 1/2 C. Vanilla bean ice cream
dash Cinnamon
dash Nutmeg

Combine in a blender and serve in a tall glass - sprinkle another dash of cinnamon on top if you like.  YUM!

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