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Balsamic Onion Flat Bread

Even though Summer is over, Fall is still a great time of year for gatherings with friends and family. This is a great recipe from my friend Kelli Abrahamian. Made with Just Jan's Balsamic Onion and some creme fraiche this easy and delicious flat bread is sure to please. Try it out at your next party or family gathering. 

Recipe and photography by Kelli Abrahamian

3 Tbsp. Creme fraiche (store bought or see our easy recipe for homemade)
4 slices good quality smoked bacon chopped and cooked
Store bought Lavash flat bread (Trader Joe's has a good one or large flour tortilla)
1/2 c. grated Gruyere cheese
freshly ground black pepper
(optional shaved Brussels sprouts)
Spread creme fraiche on prepared flat bread or tortilla, then spoon Just Jan's Balsamic Onion Savory Spread over top.
Sprinkle cooked chopped bacon, grated cheese. (And Brussels sprouts if you are using them.) 
Bake at 425 for 10 to 15 min. on a pre-heated baking stone. Transfer to the oven rack until crisp.
Other ideas for flatbread combinations:

Balsamic Onion savory spread, creme fraiche, smoked bacon & Gruyere cheese

Balsamic Onion savory spread, creme fraiche, smoked bacon, shaved Brussel sprouts

Apricot spread, blue cheese & rosemary
Organic Strawberry spread, goat cheese & fresh basil
Muscadine Grape spread, blue cheese, smoked bacon, caramelized onion
Tangerine marmalade, goat cheese & fresh thyme
Kadota Fig spread, blue cheese, arugula
Apricot Pepper savory spread, queso fresco & cilantro

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