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Fall is Here

For me Fall is the colors of the changing leaves, it’s the crispness in the air, and flavors that seem to warm you from the inside.  When Sur La Table approached me about making a pumpkin butter, I was excited to be trying something new.  I had never made a pumpkin butter before, but I knew what I wanted the flavor to evoke; Fall.  Pumpkin is a Fall staple, from pies to bread to coffee, Pumpkin is everywhere.  With that in mind we decided to look for ways to use our Pumpkin Butter that may not seem so obvious. Since I started Just Jan’s I’ve always touted the uses of our spreads as going beyond the ordinary, my Pumpkin Butter...

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It's Bourbon for Breakfast...

  September is National Bourbon Month. Bourbon is one of the most popular spirits in America, but if you're only using it in cocktails you are really missing out. Bourbon has a sweet, complex smokiness that can compliment a number of dishes. We decided to start the long Labor Day weekend off right, with a bourbon french toast. French toast is the perfect vehicle for the sweet complex notes of the bourbon, and the sweet tangy nectarines are the perfect counterpoint, adding a hint of brightness to this dish.  Bourbon French Toast with Brown Butter Nectarines with Bourbon Maple Syrup

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