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Rosemary Ham & Cheese Panini


In this crispy sandwich we used a ciabatta roll toasted in a cast iron skillet with a heavy pan placed on top to give the panini effect.  The dipping sauce on the side is what really makes everything extra special.  You could make a bunch of these and cut into small pieces and serve on a platter for Game Day!!



2 Ciabatta Rolls

4 to 6 Thinly Sliced Pieces of Ham (The Rosemary Ham from Trader Joe’s is just great on this sandwich)

2 to 4 Slices of White Cheddar or Manchego Cheese

a Few tsp. of Olive Oil for the skillet

Dipping Sauce:  (the important part)

3 Tbp. of Just Jan’s Apricot Spread

1 Tbsp. Dijon Mustard

Mix together

Slice Ciabatta roll in half.  Place ham and cheese on each roll.  Heat skillet, add olive oil.  Place rolls in heated skillet, medium high heat.  Put a heavy object on top to press the sandwich.  Flip when crispy on one side.

Serve with Apricot Mustard Dipping Sauce.  Enjoy!

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