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Asian Style Rice Salad with Chicken

Vinaigrette 1 1/2 cups Oil - we used avocado oil, but you could use canola, or olive as well ¼ cup Rice wine vinegar ¼ cup Distilled vinegar 2 Tbsp Soy sauce ⅓ cup Just Jan’s Tangerine Marmalade ¼ cup chopped Red Onion 1 Tbsp Chopped Cilantro Pinch of Salt The finished dressing should be a nice vinaigrette, with a sweet and tangy flavor. Adjust the ingredients until you attain desired viscosity and flavor. Salad 2 cups cooked rice (room temperature) - this recipe is perfect for the leftover Chinese food rice.   1 1/2 cups shaved Brussels Sprouts 1 1/2 cups browned rotisserie chicken - I like to use the dark meat, because of its flavor (optional toss browned chicken...

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